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Diversity is a fact.

Equity is a choice.

Inclusion is an action.

Belonging is an outcome.

Intercultural Training & Consulting

Your Expert for Cross Cultural Training

Our Offer

Our online programs create a forum for you to meet other executives where they are and connect with thought leadership, diverse talent, and a vast community of leaders.
Our in real life (ILR) programs enhance equity and inclusion for better communication and understanding of the challenges facing multicultural workplace nowadays.
Train the Trainer programme is designed for both beginners and experienced trainers, who wish to learn more about the theory and practice of intercultural training.
Coaching’s purpose is to facilitate the realisation of potential for competent and successful individuals. Coaching is a tool for performance enhancement.

What makes Us Unique?

20 Years of Experience

Work experience globally. Being a Leader in the Intercultural Field with with our worldwide intercultural Trainer network.

Cutting-Edge Methodology

We provide a balance of structured input and discussion of case studies, diverse critical incidents and interactive exercises relevant to your particular context.

Effective Integral Approach

We look for certain balance between the development and integrity and promote a conscious, harmonious and steadily development.

Our Network is Your Success!

With a world-wide network of international business consultants we have the ability to deliver a dedicated training program or consultation within a variety of employment contexts, in any language, anywhere in the world.  

Our Intercultural Experts

All our experts come from various different cultural areas, have a degree in a related field as well as formal intercultural studies and working knowledge of cultural values research. They are well equipped with many years of global professional experience and at least three years living and working internationally. Get know some of our TRAINERS.

A satisfied client is the best business strategy at all.

Numerous corporations and organizations have seen the advantages that working with us can bring. This is actually one of the largest open secrets of our success. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you! Below a short sample from over 100+ glowing references about solutions we have provided for some of our clients. Please see our REFERENCES

What Our Clients Say About Us?


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