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Integral Coaching

integral coaching
If coaching is largely about shifting and expanding people’s perspectives in a way that they can translate into daily actions, then working with individual belief systems and assumptions is vital.

Integral Coaching is an ongoing, evolving methodology intended to be the most comprehensive way to build someone’s competence to face their life situation by attending to the whole person. And beyond these individual creeds, coaching has to explore the embedded collective paradigms, which feel to humans like the water that fish blissfully and obliviously swim in.

Our Integral Coaching

We take an integral approach to coaching to help clients arrive at deep insights about themselves – which can then lead to lasting and meaningful development. Integral approach to coaching means for us that we direct all our attention to vertical development rather than only horizontal improvement. Horizontal improvement means we become more skillful: we make fewer errors and are more efficient. Vertical development means that we become more present, are less reactive, have more connection to ourselves and others, have a longer time horizon and therefore more patience, and have more courage and much, much less attachment to our views, preferences and habits. We can respond with more freedom and creativity. More information about our Integral Approach here and the Integral Coaching Canada will give you a complete academic based view on integral coaching.

We define coaching as the “art of facilitating the unleashing of people’s potential to reach meaningful, important objectives”.

Our Coaching Package

  • The staple 6/8 week program
  • 1 x 60 minute coaching sessions weekly + session recording
  • Email support for 8 weeks
  • Access to our online materials for 3 months


Average price range:

1.500,00 – 2.800,00 EUR

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